About IPM

The famous quote above guides us in our endeavor of helping our clients manage their financial wealth while integrating it into wealth that cannot be bought or sold (family, friends, love, reputation, values). Money is just a means to achieve your life’s potential. With IPM, your wealth has a purpose; one that is aligned with your life goals and objectives.

IPM is an independent, fee-only wealth management firm dedicated to serving the needs of minority affluent individuals and families. We provide unbiased, fiduciary advice that is in the best interest of our clients. Long-term family wealth preservation, steady growth and global diversification are the guiding themes of our investment philosophy. We have been providing asset management services for over 10 years, including but not limited to portfolio management, financial planning and risk management services.

Our mission is to serve as a central focal point of your family’s wealth & core value management and help you to preserve your family’s brand and legacy. Together we strive to align your wealth with your core values and extend these principles for generations to come.

Our wealth management team consists of highly educated and experienced individuals. The management team holds recognized financial industry certifications that enables us to design smarter solutions for clients’ unique needs. We coordinate our efforts with other professionals (i.e. attorneys, accountants, etc.) to provide a seamless integration of financial assets, financial knowledge/education and efficient management of available resources. We aim to make your wealth, financial and intellectual, last for generations to come.