Our Services

IPM offers comprehensive financial planning and family office services tailored to meet the needs of our clients. In times of great uncertainty, it is extremely important to have a basic plan in place to guard you from any further losses that you may have had. We offer unbiased advice to ensure clients are making the best financial decisions for times to come.

Please see below for more information on our services that we provide:

Investment Management
We offer a full spectrum of investment offerings, including cash management, equities, alternative investments, ETFs and certificates of deposits. >>Read more

Financial Planning
IPM offers comprehensive financial planning services for our clients. Financial planning is the long-term process of aligning your goals, interests and values with your financial assets to achieve what you’ve always wanted to do. It is not just about “getting rich” or offering the latest stock tip. It is about financial independence, regardless of how much money you have. >>Read more

Family Office Services
High-net-worth families often face complex financial challenges that requires the skills of multiple service providers and diligent management of those providers by one trusted resource.

IPM's Family Office takes in consideration not only your financial objectives, but also your family’s non-financial objectives, including but not limited to family’s values, morals, beliefs, education, family dynamics, family’s brand and legacy. >>Read more