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We will periodically hold educational investment seminars at our office.To learn more about the schedule and to subscribe to our monthly commentary, please CLICK HERE.

The most important part of financial planning is having a clear understanding of your unique circumstances. IPM offers educational programs and materials that are designed to help clients to determine whether they are moving in the right direction.

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Monthly Commentary

In this section we will continuously update on our thoughts and ideas related to family wealth, investments, financial education and other pertaining issues. We believe that through education and communication we can be closer to our clients’ needs and provide advice that fits their life goals.

2014 Newsletters (PDF)
November 2014 - The Home Bias Mistake: Very Common Among All Countries
October 2014 - An alternative approach to your Safety Net Fund: Invest It.
September 2014 - High-Frequency Monitoring: Not in your best interest
August 2014 - Quantifying the Negative Impact of Chasing Past Performance
July 2014 - Why very soon we will all speak ‘ETF’
June 2014 - We want to be Entertained by our Investing
May 2014 - Gender Irrationality in Investing
April 2014 - The Few Steps of a Sound Investment Plan
March 2014 - The Dangers of Lacking a Plan
February 2014 - Advisor's Alpha

2013 Newsletters (PDF)
November 2013 - The Unemotional Investor
October 2013 - Nobel Prize in Economics
September 2013 - The Unreasonable Expectations
August 2013 - The Adoption of a Great Idea
July 2013 - It's Not Easy Staying the Course
May/June 2013 - Why Most People Lose Money in the Stock Market
April 2013 - Paper Gold vs. Physical Gold
March 2013 - Out of Nowhere - Cyprus!
February 2013 - Currency Wars in the 21st Century

2012 Newsletters (PDF)
October/November 2012 - The Elections are Here!
September 2012 - Fed Announces QE3
August 2012 - From ZIRP to NIRP
July 2012 - The Global Debt Crisis: Steve Keen's Solution
June 2012 - The Euro Debacle
May 2012 - Euro Crisis Deja Vu
April 2012 - 'Financial Repression' Has Arrived
March 2012 - Stock Markets Need a Break
February 2012 - Gasoline Prices Responding to Central Banks Actions

2011 Newsletters (PDF)
November 2011 - Printing is Now the 'Soupe du Jour'
October 2011 - Monetary Expansion Still a Tool for World Governments
September 2011 - Time to think about Wealth Management System
August 2011 - Cold Summer Becomes Mind Freezing
July 2011 - Fed Showing Signs of Breaking [And Hinting New Stimulus]
June 2011 - Weak Markets Through the Summer [Or Until the Fed Breaks Again]
May 2011 - 15 Months After: The Situation is No Different
April 2011 - More Quantitative Easing to Come
March 2011 - A New Portfolio
February 2011 - Investment Seminar: How to Position Your Investments

2010 Newsletters (PDF)
November 2010 - The Benefits of Risk Management
October 2010 - Inflation & What It Means for You
September 2010 - Emotional Investing vs. Bonds
August 2010 - Family Office Model
July 2010 - Free Market Principles & Economic Outlook
June 2010 - Behavioral Finance vs. the World Cup
May 2010 - The "New Normal"
April 2010 - Blame Game: Financial Crisis
March 2010 - Investor Mentality
February 2010 - Macro View
January 2010 - Lessons Learned: Financial Crisis

2009 Newsletters (PDF)
December 2009 - Cash in a Portfolio
November 2009 - Asset Diversification & Investing Principles
October 2009 - Foreign Exchange Market
September 2009 - Beware of the "New Bull Market"
August 2009 - U.S. Macro Outlook

Past Events

2.17.2011 Educational Seminar - Investing in Uncertain Times: How to Preserve, Grow and Allow Your Wealth To Last for Generations to Come

9.9.2010 Book Signing Event: Turf Valley Resort

10.13.2010 MaeKyung Economy (매경이코노미) Magazine: Dr. Tai Young Lee's Book Introduction